Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Camping with a 9 month old is lots of fun!!!

Ok so it wasn't so bad camping with Abigail, although there were lots of people who wanted to hold her. She slept with us in our big King air mattress because it was freezing cold and I was worried she wouldn't stay warm through the night. We were there for 3 nights Thursday to Saturday and 2 out of 3 was fantastic. Her top teeth finally decided to come in on the second night and with the way she was screaming I'm sure the whole camp ground thought we were stabbing her. Anyway, I'm a terrible mom and didn't take pictures, but others did so as soon as I get them I'll post them so you all can see how big she's getting.

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Ashlie Pierce said...

LOL... you dont need to take pictures, cause i am crazy and take hundreds for you.... GOOD THING RIGHT?!?! (when everyone makes fun of me for taking pictures I will just take it and know i am helpin a sista out)