Thursday, February 23, 2012

Oh my child!!

This is a small conversation between Grandma and Abby this morning...

Abigail: "Grandma I call people jokers"
Grandma: "Oh ya?"
Abigail: (said in total seriousness) "I call my daddy an idiot"

Dang their sponge-like brains. Way to throw me under the buss Abigail! I admit Derek did get called this by me last week. Sorry honey :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh Daddy!!!

So I know it's been a really really REALLY long time since I've blogged and for those that still follow I'm so sorry. A catch up post is coming, I promise but for now I have to post this most recent craziness in the Eilmas home.

I got a call from Derek yesterday while at work and his exact words were, "Oh my goodness your son drives me crazy, just check your email." And all this is what I found in my email...

He is my into everything, make a mess behind me, climb on everything (like climb and risk the chance of falling to my doom), falling off of things and sometimes really hurting himself child. But he is also my biggest lover and snuggler ever!!

Oh and using the hair as a napkin thing is fantastic!

I can only imagine his thoughts here are "what?"

And for those who know Abigail you will find this as a shock, but she is my follower child, all the way. She climbs right behind him (unless he's going to get hurt then she quickly tattles) and apparently she'll be eating cornflakes, or anything else he feels should be eaten off the floor, along with her brother. All I can say is OH MY!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011


I can't believe my baby boy has turned 1 already. It's so exciting and yet so very sad at the same time. But anyway, we had a joint bday party with Uncle Aaron because his bday is 2 days after Noah's and he was a trooper with the festivities of a 1 year old party :) It was sports themed because my little man is a boy through and through and he LOVES balls, which is what his beautiful cake was made of that Alisa and I decorated. Well Alisa made the cakes and set them up and I helped decorate. I did some of the basketball lines and the entire soccer ball, all by myself. Thank you so much grandma for your help I had a lot of fun and Noah LOVED it.

Here are some pics of his party

Friday, August 19, 2011

Almost tragedy for our family

Tuesday night a couple of guys got into my van and opened our garage door while we slept. They then decided to enter my home and steal some of my stuff, including things from my bedroom!!! Thankfully my heavenly father was watching out for me and my family and we all slept while these criminals took the things they wanted and left us unharmed. I am more grateful than I can express to my father in heaven for protecting my children and my husband and me so that we have the opportunity to continue our life here on earth together.
Count your blessing everyone because things can change with the blink of an eye, I know I am.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Abigail is 3!!!

Our sweet little Abigail turned 3 today and it's such a mix of feelings for me. I'm so happy and excited for her because she's getting so big and is so smart and wonderful, but at the same time I'm so sad because my little girl is 3 and getting so big :( I miss the little baby that she used to be, but am happy for who she has become so far and who she will someday be. I look forward to all the many years with her to come. She's such an amazing girl, big girl, especially since she's 3

This is her at age 2 :( a couple of weeks ago in Disneyland. She was getting ready to ride the best ride at the park TOY STORY MANIA!!!! For those who haven't experienced this joy you are missing out and need to schedule a trip immediatly and if you need a friend to go with you I would be happy to join you. Anyway the glasses didn't really fit her face but she didn't care she went anyway and had the best time and wanted to ride it over and over, but of course the lines were toooo long...

Thursday, May 19, 2011


I have always said my kids look so much alike and now I have proof... Abigail is probably a little younger, maybe 4 or 5 months, and Noah is 6 months in his picture. Their eye are shaped a little different and Noah has the boy look where Abby has a girl look, but you could almost say they are twins (to me) , what do you think?

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Hummingbird!!

Sorry it's been such a long time since I've posted pics and I'm sure you are all sitting on the edge of your seats waiting for my updates... so I've found some time to post something really quick but I'm trying to find the time to post the BIG update, hopefully this weekend.
Anyway... Noah has started flapping his arms similar to a bird and everyone keeps trying to tell him that he's a boy and he can't fly, but he hasn't quite gotten it yet. The other night Derek was holding him up in the air, as if he were flying, and Noah's arms were going crazy. I caught this picture of our little hummingbird and thought you might enjoy it too :) (note that the picture looked a lot better on my phone before I blew it up for the post)

This is the sweet boy on the ground after his arms (wings) got a little tired

And of course Ms Abigail in all her red head prettiness! She actually let me braid her hair, even though she kept moving around so it doesn't look the greatest. I wish she'd let me braid it more often it was so cute.

And one random picture for Grandma cause she'll love it. I got a call from Grandma Pierce (Alisa) today to let me know that Abby loves to lay in Yankees bed. She even fluffs the pillow to fit her body better and this is a picture of Abby watching Tangled in Yankee's (the dog) bed...