Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hospital drama

Here are some pictures of Abigail at her recent hospital visit (mentioned below in the count your blessings post)
The picture of her hands is to show the size difference. We had a lot of trouble with the IV and this was the second attempt which failed. The IV came out of her vain and was pushing the fluids into her hand tissue. We caught it because I noticed that her fingers were turning purple and examined further to find that her hand was giant. We called it her elephant hand. In this picture the swelling has gone down a great deal already. Sorry for the quality they were taken with my cell phone.


Anonymous said...

How sad! I am so happy she is doing better now! What a scary thing to go through!

Alisa Pierce said...

I am so happy she is feeling better. I was so very worried about her. Came to get kisses even though I thought I was gonna get swine was worth it! I love her!

Bacchus Family said...

I'm glad she is doing better. It always 1000 times more scary when its your baby and not you.