Monday, March 8, 2010

Family Pictures

Brittany is in town for Ashlie's wedding so I asked her to take some pics of my family. She did a great job considering how difficult Abigail was. Sorry I'm not very photogenic - I probably spelled that wrong. Anyway... enjoy :)
These are the crazy two of the family and below is the normal two :)

Abigail just wanted to climb these stairs, not sit for a picture. So grandma had her looking for birds and that's what she's pointing at, but smiling so who cares.

Daddy and his girl and below can you tell how she was done already. This was the third place we stopped

I love this red wall, it's probably my favorite picture out of all of them.


Stephen and Debbie said...

Such cute pictures! Pretty soon there will be another person in those pictures! How exciting!!!

Gibson Family said...

I love the pictures

Sam! said...

I enjoyed these pictures alot... like alot alot you all look amazing! and i love the colors together cute family