Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Children are such sponges!!!

So I've been trying to explain to Derek that we have to be careful what we say around Abby because she is a sponge and repeats everything like her new version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star where daddy added poopy cuz he thought it was funny and because mommy told Abby she didn't like her to say that word, she then changed it to Twinkle Twinkle Little Farted (cuz that's much better) anyway.... yesterday we were trying to get out of the house to take Hailey to soccer practice and Abby pooped in her pull-up (yes so depressing that she's still in diapers, she can make it to the toilet cuz she does often she's just stubborn and does it on her own time) Derek ran her inside really quick to change her and apparently a fight broke out trying to get the pants back on. So he brings her out to the car and says, "she wouldn't put her freakin pants on so we'll put them on when we get there." He started to buckle her into her car seat and Abby immediately started freaking out screaming, "no buckle Abby, Abby need her freakin pants on" And there you have it SPONGE!!!

Please excuse the quality of my pictures, they were taken of a moving child with my phone :)


Ashlie Purcell said...

lol :)

I love that hat.

Brittany Brooks said...

OMG! Seriously I almost cried (there are tears in my eyes right now) when I saw those pictures. She is SO BIG! I can't even believe it! I miss that sweet girl, even if she does say freakin...jeez, what are you guys teaching her?!?! lol jk! Also I was really happy to see this because I almost text you the other day and told you that I wanted to see pictures but then when they actually came I was a little over dramatic...its ok its been happening a lot lately!

Anonymous said...

those are freakin cute pictures. and you freakin need to watch your mouths, cause that's just freakin wrong. j/k

Alison said...

That is hilarious and "been there, done that"!! Congratulations on your new sweet boy!!