Monday, November 15, 2010


Here are the Halloween pictures that were promised earlier. Noah was a pea in the pod (like Abby), Abby was a candy corn witch, and Hailey was a regular witch. Can anyone guess what Jason was?

This was the end of the night she was so tired after all that walking and scary stuff she saw. She hung in there with the haunted houses and some of them were really really scary. She kept reminding herself that they were just fake, but she preferred the nice houses that weren't scary at all. Her words not mine, well maybe not preferred. :)

I love this girls eyes, aren't they to die for.

Noah was working on a good cry because he was so hungry and the costume was way too big for him. The silky inside didn't help with it fitting, he kept sliding to the bottom during the night.

She actually kept the head band hat on all night I was really impressed

Hailey's hair is purple but you can't tell from this picture. And she had really cool tights on that were black and pink striped but that didn't get captured on camera.

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Stephen and Debbie said...

Cute costumes! Glad it was a fun night. :)