Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Sorry there is going to be a lot of posts and they are kind of out of order. Disneyland came first, then Abigail's birthday, then the first day of school. But what ever I did my best and at least they're on here for your viewing pleasure :)
Here we are after just entering CA adventure. From left to right Hailey (my sister she lives with us now, me, Abigail, and Derek)
We were tired of holding Abigail in this long line, so we let Hailey take a turn.

Me and Abby waiting to see Tinker Bell

Abigail and Ashlie watching the fireworks show. Abby loved it she was so amazed

Our sweet girl pooped half way through our day. She didn't sleep for long, but I was glad she slept at all.


Bacchus Family said...

Happy Birthday to Abigail! Don't be sad but time doesn't slow down after they turn one. Enjoy the next year as much as you can. I hope Disneyland was a blast (I'm so jealous).

Gibson Family said...

Yeah for the update and yeah for Disneyland. My kids have never gone...maybe soon?

Anonymous said...

Fun! We just returned from the park today! We need to get better at organizing our trips! :)