Friday, September 18, 2009

Come what may... and love it

I have realized why I don't go to the church book store that often (besides the fact that the one in Elk Grove closed and the only other one in Sacramento is so far away) but it's because I could easily walk out spending $1000 if I let myself. I love the artwork, they have the most amazing and beautiful pictures of Christ and the temple and this really nice one of the sacred grove. All beautiful!!! My most favorite and fitting for my life right now was a sign that read, "Come what may... and love it" I can only imagine the terrible things that the savior went through while on the earth and the great strength that he had to forgive everyone who inflicted them on him. I wish I had his strength and greater faith to love the things that come my way.


Ashlie Pierce said...

Hmmm I think i want that book.

p.s. Love the new background

Brittany Brooks said...

I love the new background too! Super cute!