Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh Daddy!!!

So I know it's been a really really REALLY long time since I've blogged and for those that still follow I'm so sorry. A catch up post is coming, I promise but for now I have to post this most recent craziness in the Eilmas home.

I got a call from Derek yesterday while at work and his exact words were, "Oh my goodness your son drives me crazy, just check your email." And all this is what I found in my email...

He is my into everything, make a mess behind me, climb on everything (like climb and risk the chance of falling to my doom), falling off of things and sometimes really hurting himself child. But he is also my biggest lover and snuggler ever!!

Oh and using the hair as a napkin thing is fantastic!

I can only imagine his thoughts here are "what?"

And for those who know Abigail you will find this as a shock, but she is my follower child, all the way. She climbs right behind him (unless he's going to get hurt then she quickly tattles) and apparently she'll be eating cornflakes, or anything else he feels should be eaten off the floor, along with her brother. All I can say is OH MY!!!


Stephen and Debbie said...

UM... You guys are in big trouble!!!! So cute but looks like a challenge is coming your way!!! Good luck!!!

Derek and Amber said...

COMING!!! The challenge is here, he's CRAZY!!! But really he's a lot of fun :) and crazy :) hahaha see now I'm crazy