Thursday, October 27, 2011


I can't believe my baby boy has turned 1 already. It's so exciting and yet so very sad at the same time. But anyway, we had a joint bday party with Uncle Aaron because his bday is 2 days after Noah's and he was a trooper with the festivities of a 1 year old party :) It was sports themed because my little man is a boy through and through and he LOVES balls, which is what his beautiful cake was made of that Alisa and I decorated. Well Alisa made the cakes and set them up and I helped decorate. I did some of the basketball lines and the entire soccer ball, all by myself. Thank you so much grandma for your help I had a lot of fun and Noah LOVED it.

Here are some pics of his party

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Stephen and Debbie said...

Happy Birthday Noah!!! You are such a sweet boy! :)