Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Potty Training!!!

We've started potty training Abigail and it has not been very easy. We got pull ups and we keep telling her to go potty in the toilet not her pull ups but she doesn't get it. She just wants to sit on the toilet really quick and then wipe. She hasn't gone potty in the toilet yet but at least she knows she needs to wipe and wash her hands. If you notice by the 2nd picture, maybe our trouble is in the fact that she thinks they are hats :)


Brittany Brooks said...

oh my goodness! Her hair is getting so long!

Jessica said...

heheehehhe that is so funny! when i came over to watch her the other day she came real close to my face and gave me a good long look before she said, "poop" ;p

Stephen and Debbie said...

Hahaha! She will get it soon enough! Good luck!